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Monday, April 10, 2017
Doing Business with DLA Energy

Session 1: Direct Delivery Fuels
Direct Delivery Fuels (DDF) provides worldwide acquisition and integrated material management of commercial fuels delivered directly to military and civilian customers. This includes the procurement of commercial specification aviation fuels (Jet A & Jet A-1) at commercial airports, commercial ship propulsion fuels (MGO, IFO 180/380) at commercial seaports and commercial ground products (Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Heating Oil, Alternative Fuels – BioDiesel & E85) at Posts, Camps and Stations worldwide. In addition, the Business Unit supports short-notice provisioning of fuel to the Warfighter for worldwide contingency operations and humanitarian relief efforts, provides the full range of contract administration activities and provides information technology and fuel card acquisition and support services. DDF currently administers over 700 contracts worldwide with an estimated dollar value in excess of $18B. Small businesses represent a sizable portion of DDF’s supplier base. 76% of its 365 domestic contracts are with small businesses. This session will look at future acquisitions under DDF’s major procurement programs (Into-Plane, Bunker’s and Posts, Camps and Stations) and on-going efforts to provide contracting support in order to meet ever evolving requirements.
Anwar Ali, DDF
Karen Hammack, DDF
David Peterson, Director, DLA Energy, Direct Delivery Fuels (DDF)
Jamaal Rose, DDF
Jastar Singh, DDF
Cynthia Wicklund, DDF

Session 2: DLA Aerospace Energy
DLA Energy Aerospace Energy manages the worldwide acquisition, distribution, transportation, and for some products, inventory, of aerospace products ranging from missile and rocket fuels, propellants, aviator’s breathing oxygen, and other bulk industrial gases – namely nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, helium – all in either gaseous or liquid states. Aerospace Energy supports a worldwide customer base with products and services covering a vast array of 92 national stock numbers (NSN) for defense and industry missions over a multitude of programs including helium to aerostats; aviator breathing oxygen to fighter jets; hydrazine to the F16s and satellites; rocket fuels for space launch; fuel for cruise missiles; helium to universities and federal funded research centers, and gases for satellites or probes. Aerospace Energy provides cradle-to-grave extensive contracting supporting through centralized, streamlined acquisition strategies from industry knowledgeable staff enabling timely contract awards and ensuring critical mission requirements are successfully supported. This session will discuss how Aerospace Energy provides contracting and product and service support to its customers and what DLA Energy Aerospace is doing to address some of the nuances and challenges the dynamic space industry can bring.
Douglas Smith, Director, DLA Energy Aerospace

Session 3: Small Business Training and Networking Workshop
DLA Energy’s Small Business Office is responsible for the management and administration of DLA Energy’s Small Business Programs. At this session, representatives from the Small Business Office will look at opportunities for small businesses to increase their footprint in contracting with DLA Energy as both a prime and subcontractor. This workshop’s goal is to assist DLA Energy in its efforts to partner with competent, capable, and committed small businesses in providing support to our customers, the Warfighter (US Military Services) and other Federal Civilian Agencies. In addition, opportunities will be provided for overall networking.
Greg Thevenin, Director, DLA Energy Office of Small Business Programs

Session 4: Bulk Petroleum Products
DLA Energy Bulk Petroleum Products provides contract support for the bulk petroleum supply chain, including worldwide bulk fuels requirements (JAA, JP8, JP5, F76). These fuels are acquired through four major purchase programs: Inland East Gulf Coast; Rocky Mountain/West Coast; Atlantic, European, Mediterranean; and Western Pacific. Bulk Petroleum Products is also responsible for the purchase of the bulk fuel system icing inhibitor additive, bulk lubricants and alternative fuels, such as a hydro renewable JP8 jet fuel equivalent known as HRJ8, for testing and certification purposes, and other petroleum-related products. Bulk Petroleum Products currently administers over 80 contracts worldwide with an estimated dollar value in excess of $5B. Small businesses represent a small portion of Bulk’s supplier base. 26% of its 40 domestic contracts are with small businesses. This session will look at future acquisitions under Bulk’s major procurement programs listed herein.
Bill Maclaren, DLA Energy, Bulk Petroleum Products
Sandra Shepherd, Director, DLA Energy, Bulk Petroleum Products
Gerald Tinner, Deputy Director, DLA Energy, Bulk Petroleum Products

Session 5: Bulk Petroleum Supply Chain Services
DLA Energy Bulk Petroleum Supply Chain Services (FES) provides DOD with worldwide Class III Bulk Petroleum-related services and associated international agreement support. Provides CONUS and OCONUS acquisitions of assigned fuel-related services including contractor-owned contractor-operated storage services, government-owned contractor-operated storage services, alongside aircraft fuel delivery, laboratory testing, and environmental compliance / assessment / remediation. FES manages over 200 contracts with a total estimated annual value in excess of $500M. It is noted that a large percentage of FES domestic contracts are with small businesses. Additionally, FES is also the single source for drafting, negotiating, concluding and amending international fuel agreements with foreign governments, supporting worldwide DoD operations. Currently FES manages 40 international agreements with foreign governments, with an annual value in excess of $800M annually.
Frank Pane, Director, DLA Energy, Bulk Petroleum Supply Chain Services

Session 6: Installation Energy
Installation Energy’s support is expanding and various changes within the market are necessitating changes in the way we procure facility energy for our customers. Understand the changes since the program started and the drivers impacting this program and what the future holds for our support to the Services.
Larry Fratis, Branch Chief, DLA Energy, Installation Energy
Pam Griffith, Director, DLA Energy, Installation Energy
Joseph Knudson, Branch Chief, DLA Energy, Installation Energy
Cynthia Obermeyer, Section Chief, DLA Energy, Installation Energy

Session 7: Utility Services
DLA Energy Utility Services manages the utility services contracting mission supporting the utility privatization programs of service partners. It provides pre- and post-award contracting and technical expertise for service partners privatizing government-owned utility distribution systems (water, wastewater, electric and natural gas) under authority of 10 U.S.C. 2688. It acts as the procurement, program management and technical liaison with the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Installations and Environment for utility services contracting done in conjunction with the privatization of utility systems.
Martha Gray, Director, DLA Energy, Utility Services