Proper stewardship of government owned assets is a fundamental responsibility at every level of management. As good stewards of taxpayer funds we must be “audit ready” and have reliable and repeatable controls and processes in place. What must a Responsible Office do in preparation for a visit by the DLA Auditability Team or Independent Public Accountant? In this session we will discuss Energy’s OMB A-123 program and the four stages of an IPA audit (including Planning, Internal Controls’ Evaluation, Fieldwork/Testing and Reporting). We will dive into questions related to internal controls, policies and procedures and where to go to stay abreast of updates/changes. We will discuss the IPA’s expectations for Evidential Matter/supporting documentation and the current processes in place to address IPA requests (RC Tool).


Khalid Hamidi, Chief, Audibility and Sustainment Office, DLA Energy Strategic Plans and Programs

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Audibility It’s Everyone’s Job

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National Harbor 15