DLA Energy Bulk Petroleum Supply Chain Services (FES) provides DOD with worldwide Class III Bulk Petroleum-related services and associated international agreement support. Provides CONUS and OCONUS acquisitions of assigned fuel-related services including contractor-owned contractor-operated storage services, government-owned contractor-operated storage services, alongside aircraft fuel delivery, laboratory testing, and environmental compliance / assessment / remediation. FES manages over 200 contracts with a total estimated annual value in excess of $500M. It is noted that a large percentage of FES domestic contracts are with small businesses. Additionally, FES is also the single source for drafting, negotiating, concluding and amending international fuel agreements with foreign governments, supporting worldwide DoD operations. Currently FES manages 40 international agreements with foreign governments, with an annual value in excess of $800M annually.

Frank Pane, Director, DLA Energy, Bulk Petroleum Supply Chain Services

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Direct Delivery Fuels- Doing Business with DLA Energy

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